Optical illusion: Find the error in this picture in under 10 seconds ….

This engaging puzzle requires thought to solve and is the ultimate brain teaser. Brain teasers make you think creatively and enable you to utilise your mental abilities. This brain test about finding the mistake in this image in under 10 seconds is one of the most sought after ways to spend your time exercising your mind.

Among many brain teasers that have gone viral on social media, can you solve this one out? If you’ve a knack for puzzles and they don’t puzzle your mind, you’ll be able to solve them quicker than you know. This brain teaser will be a cakewalk for those with superb observation skills. But before fixing on an answer, please be sure to look at the picture below with hawk eyes.

You may use your powers of observation and analytical response to spot the error in the given challenge.
You may give yourself a pat on the back if you were able to spot the wrong word amongst a group of ‘You’. But if you were not able to spot it, do not think of yourself any less. We have mentioned the answer for this brain teaser below.

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