New: Whoopi Goldberg Left Homeless Thanks To Tucker Carlson

Whoopi Goldberg Tucker Carlson Homeless

In the latest and possibly most ridiculous chapter of the Goldberg vs. Carlson saga, it appears that the billion-dollar lawsuit against Whoopi Goldberg has taken an unexpected and rather comedic turn. Rumor has it that the beloved actress and former host of “The View” has been left homeless as a result of the legal battle. Yes, you read that correctly. Whoopi Goldberg is supposedly homeless, and it’s all thanks to Tucker Carlson.

For those of you living under a rock – or perhaps in the park bench next to Goldberg’s – the ruckus began with a joke. On an episode of “The View”, Goldberg quipped that Tucker Carlson was as honest as her grandma claiming to be an alien abductee. In response, Carlson filed a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit, which led to Goldberg’s dismissal from the show.

Now, it seems that Goldberg’s eviction from “The View” isn’t the only one she’s dealing with. A popular tabloid recently published a photo of Goldberg sitting on a park bench with the headline, “Whoopi Goldberg Homeless: The Devastating Result of Tucker’s Lawsuit.” Of course, this could simply be a case of a woman enjoying a day in the park, but where’s the fun in that?

And oh, how the internet has run with it! Memes are circulating, depicting Goldberg in various homeless scenarios. There’s one with her asking Yoda for a spot in his Dagobah swamp hut. Another shows her photoshopped into the Banksy piece “Cardinal Sin”, replacing the priest’s face with Carlson’s, while a poor Goldberg is shown begging outside.

Not one to be left out of the fun, even the Onion Dome, a Russian restaurant in New York, tweeted, “Whoopi Goldberg, you’re always welcome here. We have great borscht and even better benches.”

The absurdity of the claim has not been lost on the public. Twitter user @ComedyGold wrote, “Didn’t know Tucker Carlson was in real estate now. From Fox News to eviction notices, what a career arc!” Another user, @TalkShowTattles, pointed out, “Goldberg has enough ‘Sister Act’ royalties to buy a small island. This homeless story is as real as Tucker’s billion-dollar ego.”

Of course, Carlson’s camp has denied any involvement in Goldberg’s so-called homelessness. His representative stated, “While Mr. Carlson is flattered that he is being credited with real estate superpowers, he had nothing to do with Ms. Goldberg’s living situation.”

Meanwhile, Goldberg herself took to Twitter to clarify. She posted a picture of herself in her luxurious home, captioned, “Thanks for the concern, but my only current eviction is from ‘The View’. This is the #HomelessLife according to tabloids!” In a later tweet, she added, “And if I was homeless, I’d still be richer in compassion, humor, and decency than some news hosts we know.”

Even in this fictional homeless saga, Goldberg continues to demonstrate her characteristic wit and resilience, proving yet again why she is an enduring icon in American pop culture.

As absurd as this story is, it has served as a much-needed source of comedy in the ongoing Goldberg vs. Carlson saga. As the court case continues to unfold, it’s safe to say that the drama and the humor are only just getting started. Whether she’s at a park bench or in her penthouse, Goldberg’s saga has managed to capture the internet’s attention. Stay tuned for the next outrageous update. Something tells us, it’s going to be worth the wait.

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