Julia Fox continues to be everyone’s favourite edgy babe as she frees the nipple in see-through corset at Cannes Film Festival

Julia Fox

Julia Fox debuted her most risqué look so far at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

The model, 33, is well known for her daring yet fabulous fashion choices, including utilising ties, human hair, and, uh, condoms, to create chic looks.

During this year’s film festival in Cannes, France, the actor attended the Art of Elysium 25th Anniversary gala in a completely clear corset, obvs with nothing on underneath.

The Uncut Gems star paired the provocative corset with a flowing, tiered white skirt and glittering earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet, but it’s fair to say none of the rest of it mattered and it was all eyes on the see-through garment.

Way to make an impact, right?

Her other wacky ensembles include accessorising with a life-sized latex doll, wearing a balaclava-bra one-piece, and creating a dress out of a ‘shower curtain’.

The star took to TikTok in November to talk body positivity and views on ageing, confidently claiming that getting older is ‘f*****g hot.’

‘Just so you guys know, ageing is fully in. Like, fully,’ she told her fans, before continuing that ‘wearing anything you want’ is also in style.

‘I wanna see bellies hanging over the low-rise jeans pls,’ she added, before also claiming: ‘Dirty girl, ugly, not wearing clothes that fit your body type … all those things are in.’

She went on to slam anti-ageing products in a foul-mouthed rant, saying ‘If I see another product that says anti-ageing on the label, I’m suing. I’m going to sue.”

“’’m going to age regardless of if I put that f*****g $500 serum on my face and you all f*****g know it and we know it, so let’s stop lying to ourselves.’

She finished by saying getting older is ‘probably the sexiest time in life’, because ‘being pretty and hot in your twenties is the f*****g trenches.’

Earlier this month, the fashion icon blasted the Met Gala and urged Vogue editor Anna Wintour to quit.

She made it clear she has no intention of ever going to the event, even if she was invited, saying it’s all about ‘politics, privilege and who your parents are’.

Julia told MailOnline: ‘To be honest with you, the Met Gala has never spoken to me – I mean look at who is running it.

‘If it was about fashion I’d be there but it’s not. It’s about politics, privilege, who your parents are and how much money you make.’

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