During the World Championships in Budapest, USA; Anita Alvarez sank to the bottom of the pool.

Looking across the deck, then noticing she was under way too long, her coach, Andrea Fuentes immediately dove in after her fully clothed, pulling her to safety. By this time, Anita was unconscious and didn’t have the capacity to paddle or help herself in any way. If Andrea did not notice, she would have drowned. So she looked for her, quickly noticed she was under for too long, Then dove in without thinking twice.

When you are under for too long, who are the people that will notice you’re in trouble, look for you and dive in to pull you to the surface when you lose your strength to swim? And can someone count on you to be that person that would go looking and notice when they are under for too long, diving in to support them when they are all out of fight and fuel to swim in these turbulent waters we call life?

Think about it deeply.

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