Carjacker brutally beats 72-year-old grandmother, takes her car, only to die in crash

A carjacker brutally assaulted a 72-year-old grandmother in order to grab the keys to her vehicle, only to perish in a car accident seconds later as he escaped.

Shirlene Hernandez of San Antonio, Texas, was assaulted while stopping at a Shell petrol station for a Diet Coke. As he swiped her keys, the aggressor hit her in the face repeatedly, leaving her injured and wounded.

Three witnesses attempted to intercede and assault the culprit, but he was able to flee with the automobile, according to police. Soon later, authorities discovered the carjacker’s body inside a wrecked car on the freeway.

Hernandez remarked that there are many individuals who would express that what goes around comes around, karma. She didn’t consider that; the only thing that came to her was how sorry she was since he had died. Although he had injured her, she believes that the Lord saw fit to take him out of his suffering.

Hernandez is still healing, her face damaged, and she no longer has a car to get to work every day. She explained that she really doesn’t want to stop working, so she has to get another automobile. That definitely requires money and other resources, so she is sorting out what to do.

Residents in the area, including Hernandez’s granddaughter Helen Garcia, have set up a GoFundMe page to assist in gathering cash for a replacement automobile. The campaign had a $5,000 goal at first, but donations had surpassed $23,000 by Tuesday morning.

.Hoping grandma a speedy recovery and get back to her normal routine.

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