Are end times upon us? Nearly half of all US Christians think so – Pew

With global crises mounting, 47% of US Christian adults think that the end times are here, though whether Jesus Christ will return in their lifetime is still debated, according to Pew.

 Is the biblical end times upon us? A Pew study says 4 out of 10 American adults think so (Illustrative). (photo credit: PIXABAY)

Four in 10 US adults believe that humanity is currently living in “the end times,” with the coronavirus pandemic and other catastrophes and anxieties causing many to ascribe a religious meaning to it all, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

The study focused mostly on Christians in the US, with there being a very clear divide as almost half (47%) believe that the end times are here.

The end times are described in the pages of Christian religious texts. Eschatology, as it is also known, tends to be seen in Christianity as encompassing a wide range of events. These include what is mentioned in the Bible as well as in extra-biblical opinions and views. 

However, there are generally a few key features that are universally agreed upon: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Rapture and the Last Judgement.

There is debate, however, between whether the end times begin and Jesus Christ returns during a low point for humanity as global crises mount (premillennialism) or at a high point when the world is improved (postmillennialism).

 Jesus Christ (illustrative) (credit: PIXABAY)

Overall, premillennialism is far more common in the US than postmillennialism, though a larger portion of Americans tend to not be sure about the circumstances that would lead to Jesus returning.

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